JD Food is a leading manufacturer of seasonings and instant foods that meet international standards. We have adhered to product quality and products that can meet the needs of all food businesses, whether it be OTOP, SMEs, or large industries with our qualified and acceptable products for both domestically and internationally.

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ธีรบุล หอสัจจกุล ผู้ก่อตั้ง และกรรมการบริหาร

“We are the leader of the national food seasonings and processed food industry, and we are well-known amongst the worldwide food industry.”

Dhirabul Hosajakul
Founder, Executive Director

22+ years in the business
300+ trusted clients
2000+ flavors
300+ professional personnel


We are the manufacturer of seasonings and instant foods to distribute to food manufacturers. With our experience for more than 22 years, JD Food has invented, developed, and offered more than 10,000 innovative seasonings and formulas to entrepreneurs to present our commitment to creating quality products that are safe and meet various international standard requirements.

JD Food pays attention to and serves entrepreneurs, SMEs, and large food industries with a minimum order amount of 100 kilograms. Our products are BRC standard. Therefore, entrepreneurs can export their products internationally with a professional team. Our specialists in food science provide advice on formulation or improvement of seasonings formulas. The entrepreneur will be receiving the required products. Moreover, we are committed to keeping the confidential formula. Our customers can be assured that all formulas will be kept with ethical conduct and standards which have been our top priorities throughout our business for over 22 years.


About products and services


JD Food creates seasonings to be used in various foods such as sprinkles, marinades, and other flavorings, scents, colors, or other additives. We work together to create a unique formula to get the best taste. It corresponds to the needs of customers the most by combining the modern technology of JD Food to create standardized and clean seasonings until it can be used with a wide variety of foods as needed.

Sauces, pastes and fillings

JD Food's sauces, dips, and fillings are produced with modern processes and meet world-class standards. It is capable of adding extraordinary flavors to many foods as well. Most importantly, it can be used as an ingredient for both savory and sweet foods.

Coconut chips

JD Food is the initial factory that produces coconut chips for exporting around the world and has sought to produce continuously for more than 10 years. With our dedicated selection of raw materials together with modern production machines, our coconut chips meet the national standard and have the highest production capacity in Thailand ever.

JD Food products

We are not only a manufacturer of seasonings and formulas for entrepreneurs. JD Food also produces and distributes products under their brand


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Our Services

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New and Unique Flavor

The product will stand out, there must be unique. Therefore, our research team invents new flavors to make our products unique and memorable.

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Scale Up Your Food Business

We will be side by side for every growth, from family business to large business supported by modern technology and machinery to be able to increase production capacity as needed.

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Solve the consistency problem

No matter how much franchises are, the taste will be stable as the original because it is made from high-quality ingredients with accurate and standardized formulas.

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Keep the secret

We value the confidentiality of our customers. No more problem about publishing a unique secret formula at all.


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